Rules on Sports in Mostbet

In addition to the general rules for using Mostbet’s services, we have developed separate regulations for sports betting. They individually describe how to place a bet and what special features exist in relation to each sport. Below you will find a set of rules which you should get acquainted with before betting on a particular sport on Mostbet’s website or Mostbet mobile app.

Mostbet Sports Betting Rules

Sports Categories


Bets will be counted based on the official result announced by the administrating authority of the respective match or tournament. If a match is interrupted and not completed, bets on that match will be settled at odds of “1”. If the official result of a match is a draw, no bets will be offered for a draw, any means of determining a winner will be taken into account, e.g. bowl off, super over, etc. Bets on any player who is not in the starting eleven will be void. Bets on players who are selected in the starting formation, but do not kick the ball, will be settled at odds of “1”. Some types of outcomes can only be calculated after the complete event is available on the official source, which can represent a waiting time of 10-12 hours.

Rules of cricket at Mostbet


If a match is delayed or postponed for whatever reason, all bets will remain valid until the end of the match, the tournament, or one of the players’ abandonment.

If the match is canceled as a result of a match being abandoned or a team being disqualified in the first set, all bets will be settled with odds of 1 except those bets that have already won before then. Bets on the winner of the match in this case will also be settled as a return.

If a team abandons or is disqualified, betting on the match winner will remain valid if the first game has been completed. Otherwise, all bets on this event will be paid with odds of 1. Abandonment or disqualification results in a technical defeat.

If a match is started but not finished (e.g., one player refuses to continue, gets a disqualification, etc.) and if more than two sets have been played, the outcomes that are clearly defined at the time of stopping (e.g., the first set’s outcome, total, etc.) will be accepted for betting. Except for Winner of the Match bets, all other bets will be refunded. The player or team that qualifies for the next round or wins the competition becomes a match-winner.

Bets are worthless if a contest is abandoned or postponed and not resumed within 48 hours.

Rules of badminton, table tennis and beach volleyball at Mostbet


Making bets is possible during regular time or overtime (marked with OT). All bets on an event that starts, is halted, and is not continued within 48 hours will be worthless until the outcomes have been determined.

For 40-minute and 48-minute matches, a game is considered played after 35 or 40 minutes respectively. If the game is interrupted after that, all bets are calculated on the results at the time the match is stopped.

Bets on the result of a match (1×2) and a part of a match will be settled on the result at the end of regular game time (48 minutes, 4 quarters of 12 minutes or 40 minutes, 4 quarters of 10 minutes or 2 halves of 20 minutes). All other bets will be settled on the official match result, including overtimes.

Rules of Basketball at Mostbet

NBA clubs can be placed in forward or reverse order (home team versus away team). In the case of reverse order, no betting returns will be made. If the teams do not qualify further from the group, the priority in the “Who’s higher in the championship” betting is the position in the group and then the points scored.

The user must personally check the rules of friendly matches from an official source. If a friendly match ends in a tie and the rules are changed, bets on wins will be computed with odds 1, and totals and handicaps will be calculated according to the outcome.

In basketball cup competitions, the overtime (OT) determined on the sum of two games is only counted in bets on the promotion in the following round, another league, the competition winner, etc.

Will Be OT wins if a basketball game finishes in a tie, whereas Will Not Be OT loses.


The start of the bout is the sound of the gong at the beginning of the first round. All bets will be null and worthless if a decision on the outcome of the fight cannot be reached or if the fight is stopped before a winner has been declared. If the conclusion is already known, bets will be paid out accordingly.

Bets on the final score will stand, and bets on the total number of rounds will be returned with odds of 1.

Rules of Boxing at Mostbet


The following rules apply to betting on cycling:

  • The first qualifying round is regarded to be the beginning of the competition;
  • In order for bets to be legitimate, both competitors must begin the event;
  • If a contestant drops out of the race for whatever reason, the remaining contender is declared the winner;
  • In the case that neither contender appears for the start of the race, the odds are 1;
  • If both riders retire, the winner will be the rider who has led the most laps;
  • The betting odds are 1 if both drivers drop out on the same lap.
Rules of Velosport at Mostbet


Bets on football games (including cup matches) consider only regular time of the game (90 minutes of play, 2 halves of 45 minutes) unless otherwise specified in the line (extra time may be considered).

Extra time and penalties only count for bets in advance to the next round, to another league, on the winner of the competition, etc.

In the event of abandonment, bets will be void unless the outcomes have already been established.

All games must adhere to FIFA’s time limits:

  • 80 minutes (2 x 40) for each of the top three youth teams;
  • 70 minutes (2 x 35) for the first-level children’s teams;
  • The second and third-level children’s teams play a total of 60 minutes (2 halves of 30 minutes).

The rules for friendly matches are usually decided upon before the competition begins. You should double-check the regulations of the match with third-party sources before placing a bet on a friendly match.

Rules of Football at Mostbet


Bets are accepted on regular time (60 minutes of play, 3 periods of 20 minutes each), regular time including overtime (marked With OT,) and regular time including overtime and shootout (marked With OT and shootout).

Only regular time is counted for live betting.

Any bets placed on an incomplete match will be refunded with odds of 1 unless the outcome of the bet has already been decided.

After 55 minutes are played, the game is deemed to have taken place. The outcomes at the time of stoppage will be used to settle all bets.

NHL, AHL, CHL, OHL, WHL, NAHL, and ECHL clubs can be in forward order (home team versus away team) or reverse order (away team versus home team). No bets will be refunded in reverse order.

Rules of Ice Hockey at Mostbet